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IMI is a global company with operations in five continents. As well as delivering great solutions for our customers, we believe in rewarding our people. As an IMI employee, you play a key role to our ongoing growth and success – in return we want you to feel valued and appreciated. That is why we have set up the IMI Pension Plan to allow us to help you build up savings for your future.

Find out more about your pension

If you want to find out more about the IMI Pension Plan, go to How the pension plan works, or visit the Skandia YouTube channel for video content.

Benefits of saving in the IMI Pension Plan

  • IMI helps you save by making contributions to your account.

  • You can build up a pension in addition to your State pension (IMSS).

  • You can build up security for your loved ones.

  • You can take your savings with you if you change jobs.

Can you join?

You can join the Pension Plan if you are an office worker on a permanent contract.

How to join

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