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Starting out

Before you start paying towards your pension each month, you want to know where your money goes and what you’ll get when you retire.

Your account builds up from contributions (from both you and IMI) and investment returns, so how much money you will have when you retire depends on:

  • how much you put in;

  • how much IMI puts in; and

  • how your investments perform.

This video is only available in Spanish. The rest of this page contains all the essential information you need about how the Pension Plan works - if you have any further questions, please contact the administrator.

Money goes in

You can choose to pay between 1% and 10% of your salary each month. The money goes out of your pay automatically.

IMI matches what you choose to pay up to 3%.

You pay
(% of salary)
You pay
IMI pays
(% of salary)
IMI pays
Total going into your account
(% of salary)
Total going into your account
1% 1% 2%
2% 2% 4%
4%+ 3% 7%+

If you earn MXN 750,000 a year, increasing your payments in the IMI Pension Plan from 1% to 3% would increase the amount going into your account every year from MXN 15,000 to MXN 45,000.

Your account is invested

Your money is invested in a low risk investment option along with money from other investors. Investing in this way means that you can share in the returns from a larger investment whilst also sharing the cost.

You retire

When you retire you can choose to receive a single payment or multiple payments from your account. See Retirement options for more details.

You will also receive the basic benefit of 90 days’ salary + 20 days’ salary for each year that you have worked for the company.

Keeping track

As a member of the Pension Plan, you will receive a pension statement each year, which will give you an idea of how much your account could be worth when you stop working.

You can also keep track of your account online at

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